Saturday, July 5, 2008

warrior monk

I got commissioned to draw this one by Joseph Cross of Portland. It's a First Earth Battalion soldier.
Joe says:
"...the concept of the soldier is based on an actual manifesto written by a former marine captain named Jim Channon who went crazy in Vietnam, and believed every soldier should be able to telekinetically stop a mans heart; the U.S. military took him seriously at one point. They actually used some of his ideas for modern day Psy-ops, such as playing popular songs over and over again to disorient the enemy(see Waco Texas/Koresh/Nancy Sinatra) Also the motto "Be all you can be" was derived from this manifesto."

He's going to use the drawing in the graphic novel he's working on, and also it (the drawing) is part of a show featuring images from the upcoming book.


Thomas Prior said...


Fabián Fucci said...

The hell of an interesting illustration! Lots of details!

Peter Herpich said...

That lamb really makes it.