Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Upgrade Soul

A little while back I got commissioned by my online pal, cartoonist Ezra Clayton Daniels (who's a big fan of my stuff and of whose stuff I'm a big fan), to do some character designs for a story he's in the process of pitching. The script is incredible and I can't wait to read it in comics form.

This here is his website. If you're a fan of brainy, original sci-fi comics, it's worth checking out.

I just found out that you can read Ezra's first graphic novel, "The Changers", for free online. Don't hesitate, cause he actually gets paid when you read it. Here's the link:


David Wolter said...

Man! These are flat-out great drawings with superb color sense. More!!

Peter Herpich said...

these are so cool and mysterious. They make a great advertisement for the upcoming work.

Uland said...

Yeah, I wanna read that comic. I remember when The Changers came out I was pretty psyched that new sci fi comics were being made.I'm glad to see he's not stopped.