Friday, July 18, 2008

the Esao birthday post

A little birthday card I made for my buddy Esao a few years back:And from a year or two after: a drawing of Esao as a Simpsons character (this is from before there was a website or whatever that let non-drawing types do this) commissioned by his girlfriend for his birthday cake:


esao said...

I'm supposed to make you a mix. You and Pete are being overwhelming with this blog. I'm in awe of both seeing oldies like this and constant new stuff. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I saw that bearded dude long ago.

I've got that birthday card you made me when we were working on the cartoon pitch that says "good luck with your tv pitch."
and its got a space suit girl holding a clear cube.

You are the halmark or meathaus.


Thomas Herpich said...

Thanks dudes.

Buried somewhere I've got a painting of a weird creature on an orange background, possibly holding a birthday cake, that Esao made me for my birthday.

And, a drawing of brown girl riding a yellow elephant, possible colored in with crayons, that Brandon gave me for my birthday.