Friday, July 11, 2008

Victim's Revenge

The last of my presumptive illustration portfolio pieces. I've always felt a lot of sympathy for kids that are picked on so much in school that they snap and go on a murder spree. I think we can all probably remember at least a couple of kids who caught more abuse than anyone should ever have to deal with, and who would have been well within their rights to snap back at the people inflicting it. Not that anyone should die over it, I'm just saying I understand the motivation.

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Thomas Herpich said...

I wasn't too awful; not a bully- more of a jerk. But I think even to this day I'm trying to compensate, in a vague karmic sorta way, for the rotten way I acted as a kid.

Childhood was some real dog eat dog shit, but adulthood doesn't seem too different for a lot of people. There's gotta be at least as many work shootings as school shootings.

(also: I really like the figure/gesture of the green shirted guy. Nailed it.)