Friday, October 19, 2012

The Lich - 10/22/12

New episode of Adventure Time on Monday.  This one's the season four finale, plus the finale of my storyboarding partnership with the incredible Skyler Page.  For season five and beyond I've been boarding with the incredible Steve Wolfhard.
Anyhow, I think this episode came out great.  It's my favorite work that Skyler did for AT, and I'm pretty happy with my parts too.
Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Found you through a friend, amazing stuff bro.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, can't wait!

Kirun said...

that was a really great episode. great work.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! I love your dragons, so different than anything else ever done!
Liches scare the heck outta me, thanks for doing them justice.