Friday, October 30, 2009

Perfect Timing

Just in time for Halloween, here's some candy zombies and a couple of regular old candy people from "Slumber Party Slaughter"- an episode of Adventure Time that's in the works. I did a ton of these guys (sorta hogged all the fun designs on this episode) and you can see most of 'em over on the show's production blog.

They were colored (quite nicely) by Sandra Calleros, Catherine Simmonds, and our art-director Nick Jennings. And to try to give credit where it's due (even though it's tough to untangle with this stuff) there's a lot of Adam Muto (one of the storyboarders for this episode- he probably deserves more credit than I do for this bunch) in a lot of these and the guy with the candy corn eyes is based very faithfully on a Somvilay Xayaphone drawing.


Peter Herpich said...

ooh, I like the brown guy with his spine poking out of his back.

Thomas Prior said...

Whoa these are all awesome Tom! loved those bar napkins too. Haven't checked in for a while..sorry i missed your bday.

andy ristaino said...

awesome designs. love the colors