Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adventure Time 5

Phil and I did a ton of airship-riding, rough-housing marauders a couple weeks ago for "Memories of Boom-Boom Mountain", an episode of Adventure Time that's in the works.

All of mine (I think... there were a lot) are below, and you can see some of Phil's over here, on the show's production blog or even more buried somewhere on the Flickr page.


David Ziggy Greene said...


Thomas Prior said...

These are fuckin' fantastic Tom! I especially like the approvals and the stag marauder's stomach.

Thomas Herpich said...

that's the second compliment I've gotten on the dang approval stamps, dangit. I didn't draw those!

But regardless: thanks dudes.

Lemme also take this opportunity to note that Bert Youn, Sean Jimenez (storyboarders), and Pen Ward (creator) deserve a lot of credit for these too. Sometimes I'm starting from scratch, but in a lot of cases I'm working from foundations that the boarders provide (though sometimes I've provided visual foundations for THOSE foundations). A real team sport, cartoon making.

Rosemary Van Deuren said...

I just found your blog. I really like your art style and these character designs are just great. Fantastic stuff.

Peter said...

these are super good! Keep making funky fantasy!