Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gongwanadon 3

Here are three non-consecutive pages from an old story I drew, "Gongwanadon 3", which was not good (thus the obscured text and missing pages). But some of the drawing is still interesting:

This one, which was my old homepage image, sorta gives away the ending:


sensitiveandimportant said...

Did Gongwanadon 3 actually ever come out? I have 1 and 2, that I absolutely adore. I can't recall ever seeing a release of it.

Oh and by the way the SOS story was amazing. I need more comics from you man!!

Thomas Herpich said...

Kinda confusing, I know-
Gongwanadon 1 and 2 were stories in the book Gongwanadon (the first book was Cusp). This one was another story that was only up on my site for a little while, never anywhere else.

(And thanks about the SOS story, it's one of my personal favorites... There's more stuff in the works. Slooooowly but surely.)

tomb said...

Hey Thomas, just checked your site for the first time in a while! Absolutely fantastic work man. Literally cant wait for new comics to come out!