Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Duke

Here's some of my concept drawings from the Adventure Time episode "The Duke", which aired last week-

I'll put up some assorted Season 1 monster drawings in a couple days-

Also- just F-y'alls-I, I just updated the post previous to this one to include the complete "The Front Door" comic (it was just an excerpt before).


David Ziggy Greene said...

It has aired! Cool. Any feedback?
How can us Englanders see it?x

Thomas Herpich said...

Season 1's about 3/4 through, and it seems like we're doing really well. I'm about to finish storyboarding for season 2 this week, and starting on season 3 in September, so we're doing well enough to keep going at least!

If you're into illegal downloading, I think the episodes are pretty easy to find, or you can buy em on itunes pretty cheap too. They're lagging a bit with the new episodes though.

Peter Herpich said...

I loved that little single-peanut prince dude in the double-peanut shell.

Anonymous said...

These are all super-fantasic! Thanks for sharing a peek at your process and early versions of all these amazing designs. "Peanut turtle dude" is prob my fave, but I dig em all!

Thomas Prior said...

These are so awesome!
Those nut animals are hilarious..
See you next week Tom!