Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drink 'N Draw

A few portraits of my coworkers from the Drink 'N Draw night that Pen Ward organizes once a month at The Roost in LA.

Here's Ako, my new storyboarding partner:

Kat Morris, who boards on Regular Show:

And Pen himself, creator of Adventure Time, with a post-it on his chest:

Also, speaking of Adventure Time, the series premiere is April 5th, BUT, there's gonna be two preview segments- one on Thursday March 11th at 8:30 on Cartoon Network, and I think one the following Thursday. Y'all should try to watch the previews to get your first impression, cause they're stronger episodes.


esao said...

I can't wait. I put a post-it on my TV so i'm sure not to miss it tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Really like these portraits. A lot of great character in them. I'm also excited to see this show after all the nice build up here.

I also hope Peter is still experimenting away at the art and that we'll see posts fom both super talented Herpichs again soon.

Unknown said...

Liked the Brian Posehn voiced zombie/Bizarro businessmen on the show. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

awww man! it sucks being in canada

Unknown said...

I just started a facebook page for Drink n' Draw. Do you mind if I post your sketches? Or you could post them yourself, if you prefer, at!/pages/Drink-n-Draw/205508416132282

Hooray for Drink n' Draw!

Thomas Herpich said...

Naomi- feel free to post them, but please credit them if you do. Thanks.