Thursday, April 9, 2009

Male figure with beard, sweatsocks


Aline Carlesso said...

I am from Brazil!
I like your blog!
This figure is crazy!

kiss your new friend brazil!

Natalie Conn said...

and TOM!
I love your stuff. I don't know how I've only come to know it online. we were neighbors for years.

Peter Herpich said...

Thanks Nat. Did I really never show you anything in person? Glad you like the art in its smaller, glowing form.
How long before we have the 424/425 reunion party?

Also a big, wide mouthed SMOOCH for Brazil.

Unknown said...

Now this is more like it! Lot's of love on the boards to go around. It was great to see the influx of well deserved new admirers to your guys' work posting. Hopefully they'll continue to stick around. Happy to see the ads and other shenanigans are dissipating.