Monday, March 16, 2009

Cartoon Dream

I had a dream last night that took the form of an animated cartoon show. It was basically like watching TV as I slept.

It was a funny show, in the Adult Swim vein. There was a super-villain type of character, an evil warlock or something, who had world domination schemes that the heroes would defeat. The joke about the guy was that in addition to being an evil villain, he also somehow simultaneously was an infant. But the only way this manifested was that occasionally, at the end of a sentence he would make an addendum to highlight his infant perspective. ANYWAYS, I know this is a lot of explanation for a little drawing, but it’s so rare that anything culled from a dream even sort of makes sense that I think it’s worth it.


iWishiWasHer said...

Is this your drawing?
Are all the pictures on here your own art?

Thomas Herpich said...

Half are mine. Half are Pete's. This one's mine.