Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hexagon Block Portraits (4)

Because I was making a face the same size and perspective each time, it tended to turn out that a block that was good or bad for one portrait was good or bad for all of them, and I would excitedly use up all the good pieces on the first portrait and the quality would diminish with each one that I made.

I was scraping for good blocks by the time I made this one and the one after, although I think the eyes on this one are pretty nice - sort of weary and melancholy yet gentle and wise.

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Unknown said...

I agree that this piece doesn't hold together as well as the first three but it does have some nice aspects.
I was trying to figure out a more practical way for you to go about doing this because it has some of the great aspects of both Bacon's work and Chuck Close's post spinal injury pieces. The best I could come up with is using a heavy stock paper and a matt cutter to chop uniform squares that would leave you the ability to rotate them.
Still would be pretty time consuming though. Really great approach to these regardless.