Monday, January 26, 2009

Hexagon Block Portraits (2)

This one was made with the leftover pieces from the first one, so it doesn't really have as much punch. However the nose, left eye, and lips are good examples of the repurposing of both figurative and non-figurative elements to help create an unexpected and expressive face. The eye and nose were purely non-figurative before I placed them in this new context. The lips were a piece of the neck and chin of a conventional face, turned counter-clockwise. Like a lot of the stuff I do that veers a little closer to painterly abstraction than figuration, these ideas are basically amalgams of my father's, Bacon's, and my own ideas.

Also, as in the last one, I've cheated a little by filling in some of that flat blue after-the-fact to help create separation between the figure and the background.


Anonymous said...

ahahahaah wow!!!
that's really amazing!! :D

spice8sanity said...

Nice piece:)