Monday, September 29, 2008

Wuz Entmee Redux

This is over on the Vice Magazine website for the moment. If you wanna read about what a "GAY" "shit" "rip off" it is, go check out their comments section!

Also, me good buddy Chris McD has a neat comic up there now too.


David Wolter said...

Fantastic stuff Tom! Wish I had an invisible farting alien.

sensitiveandimportant said...

Well I liked it and I hate the Family Guy.

This made me smile today.

Unknown said...

Nice work, Tom! I'm ASSuming that's a bit of homage to the family circus gremilns (or else you got some 'splaining to do). I hope you're doing well!

Thomas Herpich said...

Thanks Bill

It is indeed a goof on Family Circus and not a rip off, as some folks thought. Insofar as I ASSumed that everyone would recognize it as a goof.

Ironically though, I think if I had made it MORE SIMILAR to the source material people would've been LESS inclined to think it was some kinda theft...