Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drink 'N Draw

A few portraits of my coworkers from the Drink 'N Draw night that Pen Ward organizes once a month at The Roost in LA.

Here's Ako, my new storyboarding partner:

Kat Morris, who boards on Regular Show:

And Pen himself, creator of Adventure Time, with a post-it on his chest:

Also, speaking of Adventure Time, the series premiere is April 5th, BUT, there's gonna be two preview segments- one on Thursday March 11th at 8:30 on Cartoon Network, and I think one the following Thursday. Y'all should try to watch the previews to get your first impression, cause they're stronger episodes.


esao said...

I can't wait. I put a post-it on my TV so i'm sure not to miss it tomorrow.

stephen eidson said...

Really like these portraits. A lot of great character in them. I'm also excited to see this show after all the nice build up here.

I also hope Peter is still experimenting away at the art and that we'll see posts fom both super talented Herpichs again soon.

stephen eidson said...

Liked the Brian Posehn voiced zombie/Bizarro businessmen on the show. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

awww man! it sucks being in canada

Naomi said...

I just started a facebook page for Drink n' Draw. Do you mind if I post your sketches? Or you could post them yourself, if you prefer, at!/pages/Drink-n-Draw/205508416132282

Hooray for Drink n' Draw!

Thomas Herpich said...

Naomi- feel free to post them, but please credit them if you do. Thanks.