Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adventure Time 5

Phil and I did a ton of airship-riding, rough-housing marauders a couple weeks ago for "Memories of Boom-Boom Mountain", an episode of Adventure Time that's in the works.

All of mine (I think... there were a lot) are below, and you can see some of Phil's over here, on the show's production blog or even more buried somewhere on the Flickr page.


D Z Greene said...


Thomas Prior said...

These are fuckin' fantastic Tom! I especially like the approvals and the stag marauder's stomach.

Thomas Herpich said...

that's the second compliment I've gotten on the dang approval stamps, dangit. I didn't draw those!

But regardless: thanks dudes.

Lemme also take this opportunity to note that Bert Youn, Sean Jimenez (storyboarders), and Pen Ward (creator) deserve a lot of credit for these too. Sometimes I'm starting from scratch, but in a lot of cases I'm working from foundations that the boarders provide (though sometimes I've provided visual foundations for THOSE foundations). A real team sport, cartoon making.

rvandeuren said...

I just found your blog. I really like your art style and these character designs are just great. Fantastic stuff.

Peter said...

these are super good! Keep making funky fantasy!