Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get me out of here!

Here's one I'd forgotten about for years... This was a gift for my buddy Farel (and also a submission to the Meathaus collective's one-time-only never-to-be-seen-again mini-comic/sketchbook "Beef Apartment") featuring Sinclair, the main character from Farel's exquisitely crafted comic book series "Pop Gun War".


Anonymous said...

This almost made me want to read Pop Gun War. Ha ha!

(you can delete this if you want.)

Thomas Herpich said...

No way- I wanna show that one to my grandkids.

... not a very funny joke (about the grandkids), but a slightly chilling thought. Is it possible that all this crap is still gonna be around by then? Hopefully the internet will be obsolete soon, and you'll have to go digging around in a dusty library basement to read old Pitchfork reviews or whatever.)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if our words stay intact in storage somewhere. What matters is the immediate and not so immediate effects that they have. And yes, they do have an effect. You cannot escape the law of cause and effect.